Concept born from the idea of tetrahedon-shape  central monument and sustainable process planning.

The square setting the monument is an important node from Doza Gyorgy street , Varosliget Faso and other museums. FotoMuseum and Hungarian Museum of Architecture are architectonic emergents connecting all museums along the promenade. The roof covered from ceramic white tale,  photovoltaic panels and glazings. The roof window has funtion to irradiate light inside  Museums in distribuition areas and pubblics.

The heating systems
Air conditioning and umidity must abode from eletticity system ,that in part, bring energy from photovoltaic-system.

Water- system
It is been plan a system, passing ventilate curtain wall,  converge the rain water in resevoir under the ground.
It is necessary for use of internal water discharges  needed for save water.

Supporting structure
Buildings structures is made from a reinforced concrete grate.
Each museum shaped with two longitudinals bearing walls misured cm 50 of thickness.
Other two walls perpendicolar at the principal, shape the event hall.
Meanwhile in the rest of building there are grate in pillars in reinforced concrete.
The structure is shaped from a beam that bring the floors
From the beam and the attic-floor through the amenitie systems (conditioning, heating, humidity pipes).

Museums are planned thinking at aspects of sustainability and applying green solutions.
Only natural materials , using systems of wall or attic chomprensive of natural and ecological isolations .
The buildings are designed in function a save energy. Considering all the systems thinking at the energy performance (acustic, heating, cooling, ventilation , hot water production, lighting ).
Package of exernal wall and the attic-roof  made for maximum economization of energy and a good ventilation.
The parametres keeping are lower in spite at the required parameters from the Competition Program.

External wall shaped from two blocks of gasbeton. Gasbeton is a lightwaight concrete insulating, inside the wall  a air camera through the pipes of heating, cooling systems ecs ,,
This blocks is thermoacustic , also inside is setting ventilate natural system.
The external area costituited from ventilate curtain wall . Inside, it throught the drainage pipes for the rainwater systems . White ceramic tile covered block .
(see section wall )

Buildings  plan concept of use only natural materials.




Budapest Competition, 2014


Architecture Competition


October 4, 2016


International Competition